The indigenous Cofan communities of the Ecuadorian Amazon have lost over 90% of their lands as a result of oil extraction and other developments. These oil developments have resulted in loss of much of the forest, pollution of the rivers and new diseases to which they have no traditional immunity. With the help of Friends of the Earth Scotland, the Cofan have formed a Youth Association, with fifty members, which aims to build young people’s skills, knowledge and self-esteem to become advocates for human rights in their communities. Members often travel more than 40km to attend workshops and meetings, as they live in isolated communities.

With your help the young Cofan can continue to learn new skills in order to protect their traditional way of life and culture.

£10 Educational Materials                                 £20 Fair Trade Craft


This donation will buy educational                    This donation will help to start a
workshop material for 10 members                   women’s craft co-operative

£30 River Transport                          £40 International Visit


This donation will buy river                     This donation will help a young
transport for 10 members to                    Cofan to attend an International
attend a 2-days workshop                        meeting
If you want to make a donation to the Cofan project please go here. If you want to know more about Friends of the Earth Scotland campaigns or become a member contact Friends of the Earth Scotland.


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